the december dame


The name The December Dame came to me while I was pondering over what to name this space. I wanted it to describe me. And, as a December baby, I am December itself – extra cold outside, extra warm inside and just extra in general. 

I am still searching for the meaning of life and for the 24 years I have spent on this planet I have come to realise that it most likely has to do with pasta. 

You will see a lot of beauty and fashion talk, because I am obsessed (as you would expect), as well as some thoughts on life in general.

When you read my reviews of products, keep in mind that I have normal/combo very pale, neutral-toned skin. I love luminosity and can’t stand anything matte, so mattifying products will be marked as “no bueno” from my side.

My hair is also normal, it doesn’t get oily too quickly, but I am colouring it, so it needs a lot of TLC to look good and be healthy.


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