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My First Steps into Fake Tan + a REVIEW

I am a pale human being. My skin is so pale and thin that you can see all of my veins and I was once told that my veins are great for blood extractions. I didn’t want to know anything further. I also don’t tan naturally. My skin mostly burns, but even if I do catch some tan, a gazillion years under the sun and a few dark spots later, it is a grey, ashy tone, and not that bronzed goddess look we are after. Not cute. 

I have been meaning to start fake tanning, but never really got into it. I used to be super in love with my pale skin. And still am, actually. I just want to look more healthy and less like a ghost. As I explained in this post, I have started wearing more white recently, and blending with my clothing has never really been my aesthetic. 

I was grocery shopping one day and stupidly went by the beauty isle, because I needed a body lotion and I am not too picky in that department, so I usually just get whatever I like the smell of (I am picky in choosing the smell, though). My attention was grabbed by the bronze packaging on the Dove bronzing lotion. I wanted something super light, not too tanning, because I am scared that it will leave me streaky. This product seemed good enough.

Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived body Medium – Dark Lotion Fake Tan Review

Dove summer revived body lotion review


I did put it in my May recap of favourites and unfavourites mainly because I used it so much it would be weird not to mention it. But I am not too impressed by it. 

It leaves me a little sticky for about 10 minutes and during this time I am too scared to even cross my legs, because of the sticky feeling. Also, there is absolutely no colour to it so if you mess up, you will know later that day, when it has already bronzed you up. 

It does give a tiny bit of colour to my skin, which I love. I believe that it will be great between big fake tanning sessions, just to keep the tan fresh. I don’t think this would be suitable for you if you love a really bronzed look, as it does not tan you, it just gives you a healthy colour. On the plus side, it does not leave any stains anywhere, which I appreciate a lot. 

It comes off by just a little bit of scrubbing with a loofah and a simple shower gel. 

All in all, this is a nice product. Would I say it’s the best – I don’t think so, just because of the sticky feeling. Would I recommend it? I would, if you are a newbie, looking for a bit of colour, not much of a tan.

I am now waiting for my St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Body Mousse to arrive, as Lydia Elise Millen spoke so well of, I cannot not try it! 

Do you use fake tan? What is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below! 


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